Samkom Students Celebrating the Championship

We are the Champions

We are the best team

The Neighborhood where I live, Lund, Kristiansand

One of the best months in Kristiansand City, December.
This month is when fall expires and winter begins. In Kristiansand at this time, it starts raining a little bit and it's windy, and it´s slowly begins to snow, everything is wonderful, at this time all the houses are covered by snow, the gardens were green before, but are now white covered by snow, almost all Avenues and Streets are white and people walking on it, and in a few days Christmas is coming. It is wonderful, Is it not?

Lund biggest tree on a sunny day

The same tree above with snow

A pleasant snow day

Walking on snow

My dear friends from Måneglytt

They are my friends with whom I have a very good time, they are the people who really make my life extremely comfortable in Norway.

Otto and Annita Having lunch

Reyda and Annita Playing Bowling

Reyda showing his style of dancing


The Community of Vennesla is one the places that I really love. In Vennesla I have found many good places to stay, to meet new people, to make friends, to walk over snow, to play Bowling, to ride horse, etc.

But, the most important of Vennesla is Måneglytt. So, Måneglytt is an institution which works helping people with mental problems, and thanks God, fortunately I work in this institution as a volunteer. People in Måneglytt are really good, every single minute there is something to laugh, these people with "mental problems" are amazing, they are always laughing, they are always singing, they are always dancing, they are always doing something funny. In Måneglytt I spend at least 5 hours a day with these amazing people, it is really good working with these special people, now I am really happy for all these good things that are happening in my life, I think in Måneglytt I am learning many new things, and growing as a person. Thanks God.
Kristiansand City

Kristiansand is a small beautiful city at south of Norway. Eventhough people from this city is not very open or friendly, every single day there is something to do or where to go. So, as a christian I have a lot of opportunities to meet new people and make friends, almost all nights there are meetings in different churches that there are in Kristiansand.

On the other hand, I also have to mention that, I have some friends who are really good, so if I Know something about Norwegian culture and costums, it is thanks to them. Today for all these advantages that I found in this beautiful city, I am very happy and comfortable.

Talking About Good


Talking about good, is the same as talking about Norway, its people, its food, particularly the City of Kristiansand, and around it one small village called Mandal. This beautiful village is located 50 kilometers from Kristiansad City. So, in Mandal there are the most beautiful houses, the most delicious foods in whole planet earth, all these are around me every day, and I try to enjoy it at the maximum, and at the same time it is amazing to know that God is here together me, enjoying his own creation, God is BEAUTIFUL.


Hablar de lo bueno, es hablar de Noruega, de su gente, de su comida, en particular de la ciudad de Kristiansand y a su alrededor un pequeño pueblo llamado Mandal: Este hermoso pueblo esta ubicado al sur de Noruega, a unos 50 Kilómetros de la ciudad de Kristiansand. Pues, en este hermoso pueblo se encuentran las mas hermosas casas, las mas ricas comidas del planeta tierra, así que todo esto me rodea día a día, y todos los días trato de disfrutar a lo máximo, y al mismo tiempo es impresionante saber que Dios esta aqui, junto a mi, disfrutando de su propia creación, así es Dios, HERMOSO.